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dit jaar is mijn werk te zien bij design district in Rotterdam. ik zal daar wederom the living desk presenteren maar dit keer ook the leaf stool waarover meer informatie hier onder.

Salone del Mobile



at salone del mobile in milan I got the chance to establish many lots of great people including queen Maxima. I am very grateful to the people who made this passible and I will take this experience with me for the rest of my life. 


The Living Desk

The Living Desk is a walnut desk surrounded by a green strip of living moss. Combining this proximity of nature while working promotes focus and health. The life of the moss is extended by mounting it on a removable cork panel. The moss can take root in the cork, and the panel can be removed and soaked in water to keep the moss healthy. The floating top is made possible by a strong bridle joint in the top corner. The back leg is sunk into the front leg with a half-lap joint, and the whole piece is
robust and stable. With this desk, I looked for materials not
usually associated with the furniture industry and what could be done with them.


In april I will present the living dest at het masterly in milan, I have been selected with four other old fellow students to present our graduation works on behalf of the hmc. I am very pleased that the hmc has given me this opportunity to develop myself.

More work

Respect form

Push boundaries of material.

Expand possibilities

Always try to look around for new materials. Trash does not exist, only products and material.

Stay curious

Don't be scared to try something you have never done before.

“Sustainability will always be part of my fission, because I think it's the most crucial element of my genaration of designers.”


Luuk Topper


Luuk Topper (2001) is an alumnus of the carpenters institute HMC Amsterdam. He is currently in his first year at the Maastricht Institute of Arts. Topper is known for his graduation project ‘The Living Desk’, a desk with moss incorporated into it. The designer’s core value is sustainability, which is why Topper works with a wide range of materials most people would consider waste. New projects arise naturally as he experiments with the structure, form and possibilities of these materials.